Love, Artifacts, and You

Extract #2

Love, Artifacts, and You – an action adventure romance by Sarah Ready

Love, Artifacts, and You is an action adventure romance that will take you from the jungles of Central America to the small town of Romeo, New York.

Former street kid Andrew Santiago loved Emma with all his heart. That is, until she shattered his life, betrayed his trust, and left him for dead. Now Andrew’s back, wealthy and powerful, and determined to take his revenge on the woman who broke his heart.

Check out this extract from my upcoming action adventure romance Love, Artifacts, and You.

“Right,” Dom says. He puts his hands in his pockets and leans against the glass side of our building. The Suffolk Auction House sign is illuminated above him. “Look. I’m going to be straight with you. I don’t know what grudge you have against Castleton, but I know you’re in love with his daughter.”

At his words I let out a surprised laugh. “Is that what you call it?”

Dom looks up at the darkening sky, brightened by the lights of the buildings.

“I met Van Cleeve for tennis yesterday. He told me Emma’s in a little town Upstate called Romeo. That she’s digging for some lost treasure. He thinks she’ll clear her name. Make the name Castleton great again.”

“Not likely,” I say.

Dom shrugs, “Who’s to say?”

A sudden spark of anticipation lights in me.

The dull, empty feeling I had earlier recedes.

It’s not over yet. That’s why I didn’t feel satisfied. Because Emma’s not ruined, she’s not devastated. I still have more to do. For instance, I could find a lost treasure in a small town before Emma lays her hands on it.

“Did you know,” I say, “I’ve been thinking about taking a trip Upstate for quite some time. Maybe you can do without me for a week or two.”

Dom nods. “I think I can do that.”

“Good.” My mind’s whirring, thinking, planning, anticipating.

Can I do this? Should I? I glare down at the sidewalk. Of course I should. If I don’t, what’s been the point of any of this?

“One more thing Van Cleeve said.”

“What’s that?” I ask, distractedly.

“Van Cleeve said he proposed.”

I look at Dom, “Proposed what?”

Dom shakes his head. “Marriage. He asked Emma to marry him.”

The noise of traffic and the city streets fades, and there’s a distant howling in my ears.

“Andrew? Did you hear me?”

I swallow and shake my head.

“She’s getting married,” he says.

The New York sky is dark and the city lights look like stars. Suddenly, I’m back in the tent with Emma.

“We’d be married?” I whisper to her. I brush my lips over her mouth.

She smiles at me. “Mhmm.”

Then the scene morphs and I see her smiling at Van Cleeve, holding The Heart.

A taxi honks and I’m back in Manhattan, in the present. And the current me, the one who knows that the Emma of my dreams isn’t the real Emma, knows exactly what to do. How to finally end this.

I’m headed to Romeo, to make Emma fall in love.

So I can break her heart.

Cover of the best adventure romance Love, Artifacts, and You by Sarah Ready. This is a romance book and includes friends to enemies to lovers, treasure hunting, and a happily ever after.

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