Love, Artifacts, and You

Extract #3

An action adventure contemporary romance Love, Artifacts, and You by Sarah Ready

My latest action adventure contemporary romance book Love, Artifacts, and You launches October 26th! Check out the third sample from this upcoming romance. After being separated as teenagers, Emma was certain she would never see Andrew again…until now.


I squint at him and try to catalogue what I’m seeing.


Black hair.

Brown eyes so dark they almost look black.

Sun-dark skin.

A crooked nose broken too many times.

A raised white scar thin as a knife blade over his right eyebrow extending to his hairline.

He looks dangerous. Like a dangerous man. Like no one I’ve ever met.

I see all these parts, but I can’t put them together, because none of it makes sense.

He’s too tall, too wide, too hard, too intense, too…everything.

He’s Andrew, but not.

I don’t stop to think, I lift my hand and put it to the thick stubble covering his firm jaw. I run my fingers over the soft, prickly beginnings of a beard. He lets out a low growl. I feel it vibrate my fingers.

His eyes shift to my lips and he focuses on them like he’s Odysseus returned to Ithaca. Like he’s seeing his home, his love, for the first time in years.

“The sun,” he whispers. I don’t know what he means. I stroke his cheek at the ache in his voice.

He reaches down, his finger hovers over my lip and then he touches the freckle over my mouth. The one Andrew loved.

And that’s when the pieces snap together and my brain finally lets me understand what my soul knew before I even saw his face.

My heart slams against my ribs, aching to get out and go to him.

“Andrew?” I whisper, fear in my voice. Because what if it isn’t him? “You’re alive?”

His shoulders stiffen and his gaze flicks up to mine. The soft, yearning leaves his eyes and they shift to match the man with the long scar, the hard mouth and the crooked nose. But then, as quickly as they went hard, they soften again.

He lets out a silky laugh. “What do you think, Emma? Don’t I look alive?”

Cover of the best adventure romance Love, Artifacts, and You by Sarah Ready. This is a romance book and includes friends to enemies to lovers, treasure hunting, and a happily ever after.

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