Contemporary Romance Book sale!

For anyone who missed the opportunity to buy the contemporary romance book Hero Ever After on sale last weekend, The Fall in Love Checklist is currently available at all your favorite retailers for 0.99 US (2.99 UK, Canada and Australia)!

Here is a great post about The Fall in Love Checklist sale at PillowTalkBooks:

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Contemporary Romance Novel You Will Love is Now on Sale!

My contemporary romance novel Hero Ever After is on sale for the long Easter weekend! This is a great time to read a contemporary romance novel and even better when it is half price. The sale is in the US and Canada only but you can get my eBook Hero Ever After for $2.99 in the US and $4.99 in Canada this weekend only. Regular prices resume on Tuesday April 6th.

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Romance Books in Libraries

It’s no secret. I love libraries. In fact, one of my upcoming books features a librarian as the heroine. Libraries are awesome. I love that you can get romance books in libraries. The first romance novel I ever read I picked up on a whim off a public library bookshelf. It was Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught. That book was like a gateway drug. I got sucked into historical romance, then I crossed over to paranormal romance, then contemporary romance, then, well, I kept going. I had to read them all.

All thanks to browsing at a library.

Libraries are such an amazing way to discover new books, new authors and new worlds. We’re very lucky that libraries support romance authors, romance books and carry our work in both paperback, hardback and ebook format.

In case you didn’t know, you can grab The Fall in Love Checklist and Hero Ever After in public libraries (on OverDrive and other platforms). If it’s not available you can request it through your librarian. Because librarians are awesome.

best contemporary romance book by Sarah Ready romance writer
Ask your local library to carry Hero Ever After today!

Hero Ever After Release!

It’s official, Hero Ever After release day is here! It’s a contemporary romance, for lovers of sexy movie stars, single mom romance, small towns, and second chances at love.

You can grab a copy of Hero Ever After at any of your favorite e-tailers.

Also, thank you so much for all your wonderful early reviews! I’m so glad you loved reading Hero Ever After as much as I enjoyed writing it. So thank you for spreading the love!

best contemporary romance book by Sarah Ready romance writer
Get your copy of this single mom romance today!
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Hero Ever After

Behind the Cover of Contemporary Romance Book : Hero Ever After

If you subscribe to my mailing list or have read the post The Inspiration Behind the Contemporary Romance Book Hero Ever After then you know that my kiddo was integral to the idea for this book.

Because of that he is super excited for the release of this book (awwww, right?). When Mr. Ready and I were discussing cover ideas kiddo said that he had the perfect cover in mind. Then he opened up his drawing app, drew the cover and said, “this is what it should look like.”

Contemporary Romance Cover for Hero Ever After by Sarah Ready drawn by a child featuring two people in this single mom romance and super hero romance book
Cover idea from my kiddo

So, I sent on our ideas to my amazing cover designer and here is the final product. Pretty darn close to kiddo’s adorable cover art.

best contemporary romance book by Sarah Ready romance writer

Pre Order the Contemporary Romance Book Hero Ever After today.

An Excerpt from the Friends to Lovers Romance Book : Hero Ever After

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like to read book excerpts because I don’t like any spoilers at all. Sometimes (frequently) I won’t even read the description! I’ll just pick up a book based on the cover and the title and let myself be completely surprised. But sometimes I’ll be so excited, so crazy excited for a book, that I have to read an excerpt in advance. 🙂 If that’s you…you love contemporary romance, friends to lovers, single mom romances, what have you…and you are crazy excited to read Hero Ever After, then this excerpt is just for you! Enjoy! xx

I look at him, and he stares at me. His dark stubble lines his jaw and his eyes search mine. There’s something unspoken here between us. This quiet awareness that both of us are too scared to admit. Neither of us makes the first move. But the tension between us grows thick and heavy. His eyes flick to my mouth. My lips tingle under his gaze.

“You don’t want me,” he says.

“No,” I say.

His eyes stay on my lips.

“Not for a husband.”


“Not for a substitute father.”

“Not at all.”

“You just want to train.”

“That’s right.”

I swallow as his eyes go darker and his lids lower. His hands curl and my skin tingles as I imagine him touching me again.

“There’s nothing here,” he says.

“Nothing at all.”

He studies me for a moment. The only sound is a woodpecker tapping at a tree. I stand still under his gaze. Then, “I have to kiss in my movies.”

We’re both crazy. There’s no other explanation. Because I’m not surprised at all that he said this.

I nod, and it feels like I’m moving through syrup, the air is thick and sweet. It’s only natural that he’d mention kissing. His eyes go heavy and dark as he watches my mouth.

“I might need to add it to my training. Kissing.”

“Mmmhmm,” I say.

“Because you don’t want me. There’s no risk of misunderstandings.”

“Not at all,” I say.

He leans forward and I lean toward him.

“How would I do it, if we were in a scene together?” he asks.

I look at his mouth, the dip in his lower lip, and his strong chin.

I clear my throat. “You’d put your hands…”

He steps only inches from me and I feel the heat coming off him. “On your shoulders?”

“This isn’t a junior high dance,” I say.

He smiles and I tilt my head up to look at him.

“You’d put them on my hips.”

He reaches down and presses his fingers into the curve of my hips. “Like that?” he asks.

His palms spread out and he rocks me closer. “Perfect,” I say. My voice is throaty and I sway toward him.

“Then what?” he asks.

“Then you’d brush your lips over mine. Lightly. Just a taste.”

He bends his head down and runs his lips over mine. I open my mouth to him and lick at the salty flavor of him.

“Like this?” he whispers.

“That’s right.”

“Now what?”

I trace my lips over his and he pulls me closer. “You open my mouth with yours and—”

He doesn’t let me finish. His lips close over mine and he teases my mouth open. He sucks on my lips, and runs his hands over my hips, and sends his tongue into my mouth and I’m breathing hard and my hands are on his bare shoulders and I’m not standing anymore but pulled up against him and I wrap my legs around him and I’m…he carries me over to a tree and pushes me against it. Then he starts to move over me and I’m pressed between the tree and the hardness of him. I kiss him and kiss him and kiss him like I’ll never ever kiss anyone ever again.

Read all of Hero Ever After.

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The Inspiration Behind the Contemporary Romance Book Hero Ever After

It’s really interesting where ideas for romance books come from, or really, books in general. Some ideas brew for a long time (months/years) in the back of your mind, others just smack you upside the head and say “write me! Write me right now!”

Hero Ever After was one of those romance books that appear out of nowhere and then jump up and down and demand to be written.

It all started innocuously enough. I was reading the children’s book Homer Price to my kiddo for a school assignment (side note: this book is by the author Robert McCloskey who wrote Blueberries for Sal, one of my favorite children’s books ever – I used to pick blueberries just like this as a kid (and my adventures also sometimes included black bears)). One of the stories in Homer Price was about a little boy who was obsessed with a comic book/movie star super hero. The boy insisted that the super hero was the real deal. Homer insisted he was a fake. The super hero visited the town and sure enough, he was a dud.

This little story in Homer Price caught my imagination and held on tight. I started writing Hero Ever After that very afternoon.

I had two characters cemented in my mind. A failed, washed-out Hollywood “super hero” named Liam Stone and a little girl who believed he was the real deal. The idea for the little girl, Bean, came first. Her mom, Ginny, came next. Most parents will probably agree, one of the scariest things you can go through as a mom or dad is your kid being sick and not being able to do anything about it. That’s Ginny’s story. She is willing to do anything to help her daughter, and that’s where Liam Stone comes in. Love is the happy consequence of their struggle.

Beyond love, I always want my hero and heroine to be better off than when the book began, so even if they don’t end up together they are still better for having known each other. The point isn’t to fall in love, the point is to grow and become a better person – love helps us do this.

I hope you enjoy reading Hero Ever After. I really enjoyed writing a book with so many wonderful characters. I fell in love with them and I hope you do too!

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Pre-Order Hero Ever After – a contemporary romance novel

Hero Ever After: A Romance Novel by Sarah Ready

The pre-order for my next contemporary romance novel and romantic comedy, Hero Ever After is up! It will be available in ebook and paperback on January 26, 2020 at all your favorite retailers.

Check it out!

She needs a hero. He needs a second chance.

Single mom Ginny Weaver needs a hero. Not an average hero. Not an everyday hero. A full-fledge, honest to goodness, super-duper A-list movie star, comic book action hero.

And she’ll do anything to get one.

Liam Stone is a washed-up, has-been, former Hollywood superhero – now dubbed “the super zero”.

He isn’t what Ginny needs.

But Ginny’s six year old daughter is sick and she has one last wish…

So, Ginny and Liam make a deal. Ginny will get a cape-wearing superhero for her daughter and Liam will get his chance at redemption. 

But deals come with unexpected consequences, like questioning what really makes a hero, or a family, and whether or not love has anything to do with it. 

Maybe, just maybe…love makes heroes of us all.

A feel good, heart-warming romance about the power of hope, family and love. 

best contemporary romance book by Sarah Ready romance writer

Hero Ever After cover reveal!

The cover for my next contemporary romance novel and romantic comedy, Hero Ever After is here and it’s amazing! I’m really excited, my cover designer is incredibly talented and I’m lucky to work with her.

Check it out!

best contemporary romance book by Sarah Ready romance writer

Found: Well loved romance novel

It’s a beautiful Sunday. This morning we decided to take a drive and visit a coffee shop we haven’t been to in months. This is one of those coffee shops that has all the best things. Great drinks, outdoor seating, a beach, ping pong tables and one of those leave-a-book, take-a-book libraries. Last time we were there I found an old copy of Captians Courageous (Rudyard Kipling) which was so much fun to read again. But this time I found a much loved, much worn, Judith McNaught romance novel.


The cover was torn, the pages were yellow and dog eared, and it looked like many, many people had read it and loved it. I took it to the counter and said, “I’m taking this book. I’ll bring it back next week.”

This is why, even though I have one hundred gazillion ebooks, I still love, love romance novel paperbacks. I read a statistic somewhere that said each paperback (on average) that is sold, is read by six different people. So, you’ve got the original reader, then friends and family, then someone in a used bookstore, then someone at a coffee shop 😉 then someone buying it at a garage sale, then…it goes on and on. It makes me wonder where this Judith McNaught romance novel has been, and who will read it after I take it back to the little coffee shop.

Paperback books, much loved romance novels, and serendipitous book encounters are a wonderful thing.

I hope you all have many “found” book moments in your future.

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