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This romance series delivers a new laugh out loud rom com collection full of heart, heat and fun.

Welcome to Romeo, New York, Official Town of Love, USA where finding true love, soul mates and happily ever after is a town tradition.

Romeo is a small town with a big heart and a famous soul mate predictor who finds your love match – guaranteed.

In a town like Romeo, some people will do anything to find true love and others will do anything to avoid it.

The first book in the series, Chasing Romeo, is a laugh out loud, opposites attract, soul mate chasing rom com romp. A perfect feel-good novel about finding love where you least expect it.

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Book 1: Chasing Romeo

The first in the Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series from romance writer Sarah Ready, Chasing Romeo is a hilarious rom com romp; an Enemies-to-Lovers road-trip romance book you must have!

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Enemies to lovers rom com romance book Chasing Romeo cover

Book 2: Love Not at First Sight

Book 2 in the Soul Mates in Romeo Romance, Love Not at First Sight, is a forced proximity, billionaire romance that will leave your heart pumping with excitement!

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Cover of the latest Contemporary forced proximity, billionaire romance Love Not at First Sight by romance author Sarah Ready features two people facing opposite directions. She tears up a magazine featuring his face and he looks smug.

Book 3: Romance By the Book

Book three in the Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series, Romance by the Book is the best enemies to lovers romance book for you! Everyone loves a grumpy man, twins, librarian romance with an HEA!

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Cover of the the third book in the soul mates in romeo romance series. Romance by the Book features a woman and a man in a pile of books.

Book 4: Love, Artifacts and You

Love, Artifacts, and You is book four in my Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series. This is an exciting action adventure romance you don’t want to miss!

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Book four in the Soula Mates in Romeo Romance Series Love, Artifacts, and You.

Book 5: Married By Sunday

Married by Sunday is book five in my Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series. This is a hilarious opposites attract romance you don’t want to miss!

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Married by Sunday is an opposites attract romcom by sarah ready. This is the cover featuring two people facing off over a wedding cake.

Book 6: My Better Life

My Better Life is book six in my Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series. What’s better than a billionaire with amnesia living as a working man in West Virginia?

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Book 6 of the Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series by Sarah Ready. Best selling romcom book has a woman and man on a farm featuring farm animals and the man is in a tuxedo.

Book 7: Scrooging Christmas

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Romance writer Sarah Ready writes contemporary romance, romcom, romantic comedy, and chick lit.
Romance By The Book

Extract #4: The Spaghetti Scene :)

My upcoming romcom, enemies-to-lovers, romance will be available September 14th, 2021! Here is extract #4 from my upcoming romance book, Romance By The Book.

Jessie is pulling all the stops to get Gavin to fall in love. After all he is her soul mate, right? Will is not going to let that happen. Jessie knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and who can’t resist a shared plate of spaghetti? Nothing could possibly go wrong!

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“Oh. I just wondered how you like the spaghetti?” Jessie flutters her eyelashes at Gavin and I try not to scowl.

Gavin picks up his fork. “It’s delicious. It reminds me of the pasta I had at a little family restaurant in Capri.”

“Oh wow. I’ve never been. Sounds amazing.” Jessie picks up her fork and drags it through the long noodles. She waits until Gavin starts to roll spaghetti around his fork then she moves her fork trying to capture his moving noodles.

I’ll be…

She might actually pull off this noodle kiss farce.

I watch the noodles on her fork go taught. She smiles in triumph. Gavin doesn’t know it, but their noodles are connected.

He starts to raise his fork to his mouth. Jessie raises hers in anticipation.

No way.

I grab my fork and quick as I can I slash it through their joined noodles. Jessie gasps. I take the noodles and shove them in my mouth.

Gavin laughs. “You really are hungry.”

I chew loudly. “Mhmm,” I say through my mouthful, “starved.”

Gavin goes for another bite and Jessie drags her fork through the plate and tries to capture the ends of his spaghetti.

“You were telling me about your adventures. I’d love to hear more,” she says.

Gavin lifts his fork to his mouth. I grin as a single noodle of his slips through Jessie’s fork.

“Jessie’s going to do a travel book article in her next library newsletter. She wants to use my experiences as a basis for it,” Gavin says to me.

I perk up. “This is a work dinner?” That’s interesting. Jessie hasn’t been honest with Gavin.

“Funny, right?” Gavin says. “I’ve never had a work dinner and even when you try not to, here you are, at another one.”

“Hilarious,” I agree.

Jessie won’t look me in the eyes.

The waiter comes by with another wine glass and the menu. I assure him I’m content sharing the family plate of spaghetti.

Gavin launches into a story of ballooning in South Africa. Jessie nods and smiles and tries her hardest to pretend I’m not here. I keep my eyes on her. It’s not hard. I could watch her for hours and never grow tired of it. Gavin is entering the exciting part of the story, the bit about the lion and the jeep, when Jessie finally breaks. She subtly turns my way.

She points at me, and then makes the “get out of here” gesture with her thumb.

“And then the lion jumped over the…” Gavin continues.

I raise my eyebrows and point to myself, feigning confusion.

Jessie nods and makes the “get out of here” gesture again.

I shake my head, look around, and pretend I don’t understand.

“And that’s how a jeep and a baobab tree foiled a lion and saved my life,” Gavin says triumphantly.

Jessie looks at him in confusion, while Gavin looks at her expectantly.

“Oh. Ah. Wow. That’s amazing. I never heard anything like that. The baobab. Wow.” She flushes bright red.

I hold back a smile. She wasn’t listening, not at all. I’d bet my bank account on it. She was too focused on me.

“Tell the story about Cambodia,” I say.

Gavin nods. “That’s a good one.”

He moves to take another bite of spaghetti, then stops with his fork hanging in the air. “It was six months ago. I was hang gliding over the jungle, there were some ruins I wanted to see.”

Jessie watches his fork move up and down. He finally goes to twist his fork in the noodles. Jessie follows.

“…the snakebite burned. I had minutes…” Gavin is wrapped up in the memory of meeting Lacey. He doesn’t notice that once again his and Jessie’s forks are attached by a ridiculously long noodle.

But I notice.

So does Jessie.

I reach forward with my fork, ready to cut the noodle.

But Gavin moves his fork up off the plate. Jessie’s eyes widen. She sees my fork coming, so she shoves the spaghetti in her mouth. She starts to suck in the long noodle. I watch it pull taught. Gavin is oblivious. His fork is six inches from his mouth.

Jessie’s eyes are wide. Her lips purse as she pulls on the connecting noodle.

The freaking noodle trick is going to work.

I don’t stop to think. I drop my fork and grab Gavin’s and I shove it in my mouth.

“Hey! What the heck, Will?” Gavin says.

I suck on the noodles. They pull taught and one long sauce covered noodle dangles between Jessie and me.

Triumph fills me.

The noodle between our mouths gets shorter as I suck, pulling us closer.

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Best romcom soul mate twin brothers romance book titles Romance by the Book features a woman in a yellow dress sitting on top of books with a dapper man beside her.
Romance By The Book: A hilarious upcoming romcom, enemies-to-lovers, soul mates romance
Romance By The Book

Extract #3: A Kiss in the Rain – from my upcoming Romcom

My upcoming romcom, enemies-to-lovers, romance will be available September 14th, 2021! Here is extract #3 from my upcoming romance book, Romance By The Book.

Jessie is convinced she is going to marry Gavin Williams. His twin brother Will is not going to let that happen. Is he a protective brother, or does he have other ideas in mind?

Check out this extract and pre-order your copy of this upcoming romcom today.

Extract #3

“I know. You don’t have to say it. I’m a fool. He’s getting married, he’s not interested, I’m not his type, blah, blah, blah. I know.” Her voice breaks again, and I want to reach out to her.

“But you know what?” she asks.

I shake my head. “What?”

“I disagree. I believe in love. I believe in fate. And even if I have to get drenched in coffee, or spaghetti, or…whatever…I’m going to keep trying. Because…” She pauses, then tilts her chin up and continues. “Because I have a lot of love to give. A lot. And I’ve been waiting my whole life to give it to that boy I fell in love with a long time ago. So…so there.”

I don’t say anything. I just stand there and take in the passion coloring her cheeks and the spark in her eyes. I want her so badly it hurts.

A water drop hits me in the forehead. Then another. Jessie looks around, and an expression of shock then guilt comes over her. The sparse drops turn to a light shower. Jessie closes her eyes and groans.


She shakes her head. I look around. It’s raining in a five-foot circumference around us. I look up. Petunia and Gladiola wave gleefully at me from a second-story window. Wanda holds a large sprinkler over us. A suspicion enters my mind.

“Is this a kiss in the rain?”

“No,” Jessie says. She opens her eyes and peeks at me. “Turn it off,” she shouts up at the ladies.

I take a step toward her. “Were you going to lure my brother here for a romantic kiss in the rain?”

“No. Of course not.” She takes a step back. “Turn it off, Wanda,” she shouts up.

“Can’t hear you, dear, I lost my hearing aid after class,” yells Wanda.

“She said turn it up,” Petunia says.

A slow grin spreads over my face. I take another step forward. Jessie takes a careful step back. Water runs down my face. I wipe it from my eyes. Strands of hair are starting to fall out of Jessie’s French twist. I reach forward and brush a lock off her cheek. Jessie takes another step back and bumps into the brick bakery wall.

The rate of the fake rain shower increases. Water pours down around us. Drops stream over Jessie’s face and onto her dress, washing away the spaghetti and sauce. I put my forearms to the brick wall on either side of her, closing her in. I bend down, until our mouths nearly touch.

“Did you think a kiss in the rain would make him fall in love?”

“No.” Her eyes turn dark and luminous. A drop of water trails down her cheek and settles on her lip. I groan. I’ve never ached to taste a drop of water so much.

“You want to know who would want you, Jessie?”

“Who?” she asks reluctantly.


I press her against the wall and send my lips to hers. She gasps and her mouth opens to me. I send my tongue in, I run it over her lips and drink the falling water and the taste of her.

I press my body over hers and shield her from the rain. I bury my hands in her hair and pull her closer. She makes a small sound in her throat and I lick it up. I take her lip in my mouth and tug, then I send my tongue across her lower lip. She’s heaven.

She was right. If I didn’t already love her, then this kiss in the rain would make me love her for forever and beyond.

Her hands settle hesitantly on my shoulders and I groan. I need more. I need more of her. It’s been too many years since I’ve touched her. It’s been too many years of wanting her and not having her.

I grab her hips and pick her up. Her dress rides up and she wraps her legs around me. I press her against the brick wall. She’s positioned in the perfect spot. I rub against her and she gasps. I jerk my hips and she gasps again. I catch the noise with my mouth. I run my fingers down her cheeks, rock my hips against her and catch another cry in my mouth.

“Jessie,” I say against her lips. I kiss the corner of her mouth. “I want you. I’ll always want you.”

She stops moving. Her hands tighten on my shoulders.

I pause. “What is—”

The sprinkle of rain water turns into an ice-cold flood as three 10-gallon buckets of water pour on my head.

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Best romcom soul mate twin brothers romance book titles Romance by the Book features a woman in a yellow dress sitting on top of books with a dapper man beside her.
Romance By The Book: A hilarious upcoming romcom, enemies-to-lovers, soul mates romance
Romance By The Book

Extract #2: Upcoming Romcom Romance by the Book

My upcoming romcom, enemies-to-lovers, and twin soul mates romance is coming September 14th, 2021! Here is extract #2 from my upcoming romance book, Romance By The Book.

Jessie is a sweet librarian who knows the best way to win her soul mate: Check out dozens of romance books, study the (totally realistic) way characters fall in love, and make a foolproof plan on how to win her soul mate (in one week).

Check out this extract and pre-order your copy of this upcoming romcom today.

Extract #2

“You’re up to something,” says Will. He catches me looking at Gavin and his jaw clenches. Then his eyes narrow on my still wet, stained dress. Uh oh.

I flush.

“You were trying to spill your coffee.”

My breath catches. “I was not!”

“And you were trying to fall.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“Is it?” he asks.

I feel my cheeks heat and they’re definitely red because Will nods like I just failed his lie detector test.

“I thought we agreed. You’re not Gavin’s type.”

I flush even more. The stickiness of the spilled drink on my skin is growing itchy and uncomfortable and I want to get out of this dress. My ankle has a pinchy throbby pain. I turn and limp away, trying to maintain a bit of dignity.

Not his type.

Bull crap.

Love doesn’t have “types.”

Gavin’s finally off the phone. He leans back against the glass window of the shop and stares up at the clear blue sky. His shoulders slump and he looks tired and alone.

I know exactly how he feels.

I’ve felt alone since my mom died and my dad stopped speaking.

I keep myself busy from the minute I wake up to the second I fall into bed, so I don’t have to think about the fact that I’m lonely.

Lonely and alone.

Gavin drops his head and I catch him quickly swipe at his face. Crying?

I want to reach out to him. Offer him my friendship.


My back straightens and my determination comes back.

This is the moment.

I walk forward, my eyes on Gavin.

“Jessie.” It’s Will. He sounds sorry, like he’s going to apologize. I ignore him.

“Jessie. Stop.” He says stop like a command, not a request. “Stop.”

I swing back around. “No. You stop.”

I keep walking backwards, away from him. “Quit interfering—” I cut off when I hit a metal object.

Will reaches for me.

I grab at the object. It’s books, stacks of books. Will grabs for me, catches my hand, but the book cart flips under me. I tumble over it and pull Will down with me. We crash to the sidewalk. I land on a pile of paperbacks. Will lands on top of me. The jarring thud sends a jolt through me and the shock of it stops all thought.

“Ow. Ouch.”

Will groans. “That hurt.”

“You’re on top of me.” I push at him, but he doesn’t move. “Off.”

He repositions himself so that his legs capture mine and his arms cage me in. He looks down at me and a calculating light enters his eyes.

“I’ll get up when you promise to stop chasing Gavin.”

I glare at him. “No.”

He lets out a frustrated breath. “I’m not going to let you ruin his chance at happiness.”

The nerve.

“What if I’m that chance?”

“Not possible,” he says.

I glare at him and then push up against him, trying to dislodge his bulk. His blue eyes go dark like the deep, violent blue of the Romeo River before a storm. The depth in them scares me, like I might drown in the stormy waters, never get air and never come up again if I dive beneath the surface. He lets out a short huff of air and the black of his pupils dilates. Suddenly, I have the urge to reach up and brush the lines at the corners of his eyes, touch his long feathery eyelashes and see if they feel as soft as they look.

He makes a low sound in his throat. I look at his mouth and focus on his plump lower lip, soft and wicked…so at odds with Will’s personality.



I gasp and wrench myself out of my lust-filled stupor for the wrong man.

“Get off.” I shove at him again. He blinks and shakes his head, like he’s trying to reenter the present.

Yeah, welcome back from Weirdville. That alternate dimension where Will and I lust after each other.



I have a week with Gavin in town, I don’t need Will confusing things.

“Look, Jessie.” He shifts, but doesn’t let me up.

I squirm under him and peer toward the outfitters store. Gavin isn’t even there anymore. Unbelievable.

“No. You look.” I shove my hand into his chest. I ignore the fact that it’s a surprisingly well-muscled chest. “Gavin and I are meant to be. Miss Erma predicted it.”

His body stiffens and he shakes his head, once, hard in denial. Of course he’d disagree.

“She’s. Never. Wrong,” I say.

His jaw clenches and his eyes narrow. “I. Don’t. Care.”

I push up on my elbows and lean into him. My chest presses against his and I bring my lips close to his ear, so he can hear every word.

“I’m going to do everything in my power to show Gavin we’re meant to be.”

I let the words hang between us. My lips are so close to him I could nibble his ear without moving an inch. I feel it the moment his heart picks up speed—it thumps against my chest.

He turns his head and his jaw brushes against my mouth. I pull back and he smiles. I stay on my elbows. He leans forward until our lips nearly touch. His hips press into mine and this moment is so similar to one of my nighttime fantasies that certain parts of me clench in anticipation.

“Promise?” he asks. I feel the heat of his breath against my lips.

I want so badly to span those few millimeters and press my lips to his. And that’s what makes me realize—he’s taunting me. Teasing me. Laughing at me. That’s what Will does. What he’s always done.


I’m done with him interfering in my life.

“Not only do I promise to show Gavin we’re meant to be. I guarantee it.” I raise my chin and give him a challenging stare.

He blinks and his demeanor changes. He becomes less languid wickedness, and more the hard, ruthless, cold-hearted CEO that I know and don’t love.

“Then I promise,” he says in a low hard voice, “to do everything in my power to stop you.” His upper lip curls. “I guarantee it.”

Of course he does.

Of course.

That’s fine, Will doesn’t have the power of fate and a library of hundreds of romcoms behind him.

Love wins. Every time.

This is Romeo after all. It’s on.

Best romcom soul mate twin brothers romance book titles Romance by the Book features a woman in a yellow dress sitting on top of books with a dapper man beside her.
Romance By The Book: A hilarious romcom, enemies-to-lovers, soul mates romance
Romance By The Book

Cover Reveal – Romance By The Book

I am so excited for the cover of my next Soul Mates in Romeo Romance Series (book 3) Romance By The Book!

Best romcom soul mate twin brothers romance book titles Romance by the Book features a woman in a yellow dress sitting on top of books with a dapper man beside her.

Romance By The Book is a contemporary romance book and takes place in the town of Romeo, NY where soul mates are found and happily ever afters are essential.

Romance By The Book launches September 14th, 2021 and you can pre-order now at all the links below:

Romance writer Sarah Ready writes contemporary romance, romcom, romantic comedy, and chick lit.
Romance By The Book

Romance By The Book: Extract #1

Want a hilarious romcom, enemies-to-lovers, soul mates romance? Here is extract #1 from my upcoming romance book, Romance By The Book, coming September 14th!

Pre-order your copy today.

Extract #1

I fell in love when I was eight years old, and it was the best and the worst day of my life. My mom always said, in a town like Romeo, you’re guaranteed to find your true love, it’s not a matter of if, only of when. For me, the when happened early.

Some (okay, everyone) might say I live in a fantasy world, that no one can find their soul mate when they’re eight years old. But I did. And Miss Erma is about to confirm it.

That’s right. Romeo, New York’s number one star, Miss Erma, official soul mate psychic, finally saw my true love.

I always promised myself that if Miss Erma ever predicted my soul mate, I’d pursue him with a single-minded passion. I’d do anything for that kind of love. Romeo, the town where I grew up, inspires this kind of thinking. We have more happily matched couples and true love than any other town in the Western Hemisphere. Our small town has a Cupid festival, a Valentine’s Day parade, a Sweetheart’s Day baking contest, and a 30, 40, or 50 year wedding anniversary practically every week. If the cobblestone streets, the overflowing flower baskets, and the cute stone bridge over the river doesn’t convince you, then our charm will—Romeo, Official Town of Love USA, is the place where true love finds you.

Needless to say, I’ve been dreaming of this moment for practically my whole life.

“You’ve seen him?” I ask Miss Erma.

She gives me a smile that on anyone below twenty I’d call mischievous, but Miss Erma is over eighty, so I’ll call it conspiratorial. “I have,” she confirms. “I saw him this morning.”

My stomach does a flip and I clasp my hands together to keep from jumping up and down and shouting in glee. We’re in a library after all. Miss Erma is here for the class I teach, a seniors’ computer skills class. There’s no jumping around or shouting in libraries.

But still. This, this is the moment I’ve been waiting for.

Miss Erma told my friends Chloe and Veronica their soul mates in the last year, and I just knew my time would be coming soon. Well, if not knew, then hoped.

Miss Erma adjusts her silk shawl over her shoulders. It has pink cherry blossoms on ivory colored fabric. Then she leans back in her computer chair and beams at me.

“I’ve finished the internet search assignment. I looked up travel plans for New York City. Wanda and I are planning a trip,” says Erma.

What? This is the most important moment of my life and she wants to talk about the computer class assignment? I look around the library community room. It’s a big, bright room, with a long table filled with computers and comfy desk chairs. The walls are painted cream and the carpet is sage green. Everyone in the class is still at work, ignoring my conversation with Erma.

“Miss Erma, please. My soul mate. Who is he?” I ask, and then I hold my breath.

But a horrifying thought enters my mind. What if she says William?


Please not William. Please not William. Please not William.

Please don’t say William Williams IV.

Please not—

“It’s that Williams boy.”        

The breath I was holding shoots out in a loud exhale. I cough and hit my chest.

Wanda, Erma’s best friend, looks over from her computer. “Are you alright, dear?”

“Fine. Fine.” I wave at her. Everyone else in the class is absorbed in their internet search assignment. They haven’t noticed Erma and me talking. I cough again and clear my throat. My stomach feels like it’s on a roller coaster, it’s being tossed around and I can’t get off the ride. “The Williams boy?” I ask. Please be Gavin. Please be Gavin. Please be the boy I’ve wanted since I was eight years old, not his awful, horrible brother.

“That’s right,” says Erma.

She winks at me and then digs around in her purse. It’s on the floor next to her chair. When she comes up she’s holding a cookie tin. She opens it and holds it in front of me. “Have an oatmeal raisin cookie. I baked them this morning.”

I look down at the pile of cookies in the red tin. How can Erma offer cookies at a time like this? My stomach is still looping around my abdomen. Doesn’t she realize there are two Williams boys? One is perfect and wonderful and everything I’ve ever wanted and the other is…Will.

She waves the tin under my nose, and the scent of cinnamon and raisins wafts up to me.

“Um, alright. Thank you.” I take a cookie chock-full of raisins from the top of the pile, then I force myself to take a bite, chew and swallow. “Mmm. Really good. Thank you.”

I set the cookie down on the table, there’s no way I’ll be able to force myself to swallow another bite. Not until I know. Is my soul mate the man I’ve always believed it was, or his awful, horrible, rotten brother.

“Miss Erma? Which Williams boy? There are two of them.”

“Hmm. Are there?”

She puts the lid back on the cookie tin and pops it into her purse. When she comes back up, her black hair is messy. She pats it down and re-straightens her shawl. She’s fine boned and petite, and some people say she looks like a little bird. She definitely has the energy of a bird. And I’m beginning to see why Chloe always insists her great aunt is full of mischief.

“Yes. There’s Gavin and there’s William.”

My stomach rolls again and I press my hand against it. Please don’t say William, please don’t say William. She couldn’t, she wouldn’t.

“He just came back to town,” she says.

“Yes. Which one? Which one is my soul mate?”

Miss Erma studies me as if I’m missing the point. She gives me the same look that Chloe gives me when I can’t visualize one of her greeting card illustration ideas. I’d laugh if I weren’t so frustrated.

“Jessie. Dear. You already know who your soul mate is.”
“I do?” I try to swallow down the dry cookie crumbs still sticking in my throat. “Does that mean…?”

Miss Erma nods. “Your soul mate is the Williams boy you’ve loved since you were a little girl.”

Not William Williams IV. Not Will.

Thank you, God. Thank you.

It’s Gavin. His twin.

“He’s my soul mate,” I say with wonder.

Erma’s eyes twinkle. “That’s right. You’ve known he was for years.”

I grab Erma’s hands in mine and then I start jumping up and down and squealing. I can’t help it. This is the best day of my life.

Miss Erma laughs and shakes her head. She’s probably used to this reaction. But me, this is my one and only time to learn the name of my soul mate, and it’s Gavin.

“What is it? What’s happened?” asks Wanda.

She hurries over. But I can’t answer, I’m too busy spinning in a circle. I feel like Maria in The Sound of Music. Any minute, I’m going to stop spinning and start singing to the mountains.

I’ve been transported to my own personal heaven. It’s finally happened. After five years, Gavin Williams is finally back in Romeo, and according to Erma, he’s mine.

Best romcom soul mate twin brothers romance book titles Romance by the Book features a woman in a yellow dress sitting on top of books with a dapper man beside her.
Romance By The Book: A hilarious romcom, enemies-to-lovers, soul mates romance