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Do you love a romance series?

Check out my Soul Mates in Romeo Romance Series!

This romance series delivers a new laugh out loud rom com collection full of heart, heat and fun.

Welcome to Romeo, New York, Official Town of Love, USA where finding true love, soul mates and happily ever after is a town tradition.

Romeo is a small town with a big heart and a famous soul mate predictor who finds your love match – guaranteed.

In a town like Romeo, some people will do anything to find true love and others will do anything to avoid it.

The first book in the series, Chasing Romeo, is a laugh out loud, opposites attract, soul mate chasing rom com romp. A perfect feel-good novel about finding love where you least expect it.

Start the series today.

Book 1: Chasing Romeo

The first in the Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series from romance writer Sarah Ready, Chasing Romeo is a hilarious rom com romp; an Enemies-to-Lovers road-trip romance book you must have!

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Enemies to lovers rom com romance book Chasing Romeo cover

Book 2: Love Not at First Sight

Book 2 in the Soul Mates in Romeo Romance, Love Not at First Sight, is a forced proximity, billionaire romance that will leave your heart pumping with excitement!

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Cover of the latest Contemporary forced proximity, billionaire romance Love Not at First Sight by romance author Sarah Ready features two people facing opposite directions. She tears up a magazine featuring his face and he looks smug.

Book 3: Romance By the Book

Book three in the Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series, Romance by the Book is the best enemies to lovers romance book for you! Everyone loves a grumpy man, twins, librarian romance with an HEA!

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Cover of the the third book in the soul mates in romeo romance series. Romance by the Book features a woman and a man in a pile of books.

Book 4: Love, Artifacts and You

Love, Artifacts, and You is book four in my Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series. This is an exciting action adventure romance you don’t want to miss!

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Book four in the Soula Mates in Romeo Romance Series Love, Artifacts, and You.

Book 5: Married By Sunday

Married by Sunday is book five in my Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series. This is a hilarious opposites attract romance you don’t want to miss!

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Married by Sunday is an opposites attract romcom by sarah ready. This is the cover featuring two people facing off over a wedding cake.

Book 6: My Better Life

My Better Life is book six in my Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series. What’s better than a billionaire with amnesia living as a working man in West Virginia?

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Book 6 of the Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series by Sarah Ready. Best selling romcom book has a woman and man on a farm featuring farm animals and the man is in a tuxedo.

Book 7: Scrooging Christmas

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Romance writer Sarah Ready writes contemporary romance, romcom, romantic comedy, and chick lit.
Chasing Romeo

Chasing Romeo is Now Available!

Hi Everybody! Yay!! I’m so excited to celebrate the release of my brand new romcom Chasing Romeo!

Chasing Romeo is Book ONE in my new Soul mates in Romeo series. It’s a laugh out loud, soul mate chasing, road trip romance. It has a heroine who believes in true love, soul mates, and happily ever afters, and a hero who is so cynical he takes his coffee black (because milk and sugar hide the truth). They’re like oil and water and the results are hilarious. If you’ve been hankering to go on a road trip, then it’s time to vicariously live through Nick and Chloe as they chase down Chloe’s soul mate, 1 of 7 men located across the USA.

If you haven’t already read Chasing Romeo, you can get it everywhere:

Best romcom romance book chasing romeo
Romcom book Chasing Romeo
Chasing Romeo

Loads of Giveaways Now for Romance Book Chasing Romeo Release

I’m so excited for the release of romcom romance book Chasing Romeo on May 25! For the next five Monday’s leading up to the release I’ll be having loads of giveaways now on Instagram.

Chasing Romeo is a hilarious road trip romcom romp that takes place in cities all across the USA, from the east coast to the west. There are many, many misadventures along the road to love.

Enemies to lovers? Yes. Opposites attract? Yes. Soul mates? Yes. Laugh out loud? Heck yes.

I wanted you to be able to join in the fun. So, for all of you who want to get your summer road trip on vicariously through Chasing Romeo, head over to Instagram and join in!

Every Monday I will post a postcard pic of a city from the book Chasing Romeo. Go ahead and follow @sarahreadyauthor, tag a friend you want to road trip with, and guess the location in the picture. I’ll randomly draw a winner every Thursday. Who doesn’t love loads of giveaways?

Head on over to Instagram to learn more. Here is the first post:

First image for the giveaway now on Instagram
Can you guess the location?

Any guesses?

In case you were wondering, yesssss, I’m now on Instagram and Facebook.

Come check me out and follow or friend me. 😀

Best Rom Com Author Sarah Ready
Chasing Romeo

Cover Reveal: Rom Com romance book Chasing Romeo

My next rom com romance book Chasing Romeo is launching May 25, 2021 and the cover is AMAZING!!

Chasing Romeo Cover with a couple of soul mates ready for a rom com road trip in their blue dodge charger
Cover by Elizabeth Turner Stokes

I have been so honored by all of those who have shared it and wanted to shout out to Social Butterfly and Book Notes by Athina. See her post here:

Rom com romance book cover Chasing Romeo by Sarah Ready.

If you love romantic comedies (Rom Com) and I know you do, you need to pre-order Chasing Romeo today!

Here are the links to order:

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