Josh and Gemma 2

What is happening with Josh and Gemma?!

Do you want to know what is happening with Josh and Gemma? What do they name the baby? What about the wedding? So many questions that will all be answered on January 26, 2023.

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Coming January 2023.

Pre-order now: Cover of Josh and Gemma the Second Time Around features two people, Josh Lewenthal and Gemma Jacobs walking away from the view. They are reaching to each other but their hands don't quite touch. The colors are vibrant. This is the much awaited sequel to the best selling romance book Josh and Gemma Make a Baby by romance author Sarah Ready.

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Read the prologue:

When I said that Josh and I would live happily ever after, I believed that love would never die.

I was wrong.

Or maybe I was wrong in that I never thought about the moment I would die. For thirty-three years I galloped through life without ever considering the moment of my own death.

A hot tear slides down my face.

Does love die when you die? I think it must. It feels like it does.

There’s a heavy, dark silence smothering me and the world frays apart at the edges, unraveling at a frightening pace. The color leaches away, like threads pulled from a cloth. Soon, I’ll only be left with black.

Would I do it all again? Knowing that I’d end up right here, my breath gone, my life leaking away?

Yes. I’d do it a thousand times again. And each time I’d make the same choices that led me here. To this place.

I focus on the bright sky above. The blur of Josh’s bone-white face. He begs me not to leave him, not to leave, don’t go, don’t go, don’t go.

I want to tell him a million things, a million and one, but most of all I want to tell him to take care of our baby.

To love him. To save him. To care for him.

But I can’t. I can’t talk. I can’t breathe.


I go.

I think…I die.

This has to be death.

Because the love, it’s gone.


Find out what is happening with Josh and Gemma on Jan 26th, 2023!


Josh and Gemma the Second Time Around


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