Josh and Gemma 2

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Pre-order now: Cover of Josh and Gemma the Second Time Around features two people, Josh Lewenthal and Gemma Jacobs walking away from the view. They are reaching to each other but their hands don't quite touch. The colors are vibrant. This is the much awaited sequel to the best selling romance book Josh and Gemma Make a Baby by romance author Sarah Ready.

Do you want to know what happens next with Josh and Gemma? What do they name the baby? What about the wedding? So many questions that will all be answered on January 26, 2023.

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Here’s the blurb! 

Gemma Jacobs has life figured out. She’s upbeat, positive to a fault, and the master of her own destiny. She has a wonderful career in social media marketing, lives in a trendy apartment with her fiancé Josh Lewenthal, and is pregnant with their much-loved baby.

Her life is wonderful. Absolutely perfect.


What really comes after the happily ever after?

Josh Lewenthal is laid-back, fun-loving, and always finds the humor in life. He writes a wildly successful web comic series, and can’t wait to marry Gemma—the woman of his dreams.

His life is amazing. Terrific.


What happens when everything changes?

Suddenly Josh and Gemma’s lives are turned upside down, and their love and their future together are at risk. They realize their happily ever after isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning—and now they have to fight for it.

They confront a devastating separation, the return of world-infamous Ian Fortune, and the question of whether or not their love can truly survive when everyone says…it’s already gone.

Romance Writer Sarah Ready. Contemporary romance, chick lit, romantic comedy, romcom books
Scrooging Christmas

Sneak Peek of Scrooging Christmas

Sneak peek of Scrooging Christmas, the best new RomCom coming October 18th. Best selling romance author Sarah Ready. Features a couple on a snowy landscape.

My newest Christmas romcom is coming out October 18th, 2022 and I wanted to share a sneak peek of Scrooging Christmas with you.

What would you do with a Scrooge? When Christmas-loving Natalie Fiorre goes head-to-head with perpetual Scrooge Gabe Cavanaugh all bets are off. Opposites clash over holiday cheer in this cheeky, Christmas romcom full of laughter and steam – the perfect holiday romance read.

Check out this sneak peek of Scrooging Christmas:

Sneak peek of Scrooging Christmas

December 21, 11:12 p.m.

The Christmas carols are horridly, ear-numbingly loud. The sleigh bells, the trilling trumpet, and the joyful voices boomerang inside my skull and jolt me out of unconsciousness. 

I lie still, my cheek scratching against cheap, prickly carpet, the scent of pine and gasoline sharp in my nose as I struggle to brush aside the veil of confusion. 

Darkness coats my vision, thick, and absolute. There’s the taste of fresh falling snow in the air, mixed with the copper tang of blood on my dry lips. 

So, there’s snowfall. 

Pine trees.

The icy darkness of the cramped trunk.

My knees are tucked against my chest. Hot needles prick at my calves just above my tied ankles. My wrists are bound behind my back. 

I wriggle my numb fingers, rotate my hands. It’s not rope, handcuffs, or zip ties that hold me, it’s…Christmas lights? 

I’m tied up with the green cordage of a hundred Christmas bulbs? 

The plastic cord digs into my wrists and ankles, cutting off circulation as I struggle. The trunk is coffin-like, too tight to maneuver. 

You’d think, if you were bent on stuffing a six-foot-two man inside a trunk, you’d find a car bigger than a roller skate. But I’m trussed up like a Christmas goose, stuck in an oven. Except this oven is a trunk and achingly cold. The sharp icicle teeth of December bite at my nose and cheeks.

The crunch of ice-filled potholes and snow grinding under the car tires is muted beneath the chirpy high-pitched chorus of Christmas cheer. The carols assault my ears, but I listen for the sounds beyond the singing. 

The night is curiously quiet, there’s only the music, the grumble of the engine, the tires crunching over ice-coated snow, and the claustrophobic noise of my own breathing. 

I’m not in Manhattan then. Not anywhere near my apartment. 

The car jostles around a curve and I roll and slide into the trunk wall, crushing my face against the unyielding metal surface. 

A package bumps into my back, brushing against my hands. Wrapping paper, a frilly bow, I run my fingers over the slick paper surface. 

I’m in the trunk with a present. 

My stomach rolls as we round another curve, bumping over a small hill. I’m on a country road, far, far from home, that much is clear. 

I jerk about and try to dislodge my cell from my suit pocket. Thirty seconds in I realize my phone isn’t in my pocket. I can’t feel the thick bulge of my wallet either.   

I draw in a deep breath of stagnant air and tell myself to think…think…think.  

They have to be after money. A million? Two? More?

I grit my teeth, the bitter smell of Christmas pine and snow lingering in my nose.

I don’t remember anything after hailing the taxi. Is that it then? Did the taxi driver render me unconscious and shove me into their trunk? 

I try to recall their appearance, to picture who is currently at the wheel, driving us farther and farther away from New York. But I can’t. When I rifle through my memories, looking for their face, I only see a blank empty space. 

I kick at the area where the tail light is. Maybe if I knock it out I can signal another car. But the only thing that comes of my efforts is an aching ankle.

I hate Christmas. 

I really, really hate Christmas. 

And wouldn’t it be just the figgy pudding to top it all if I died out in the snowy, pine tree wilds, in the car of some Christmas carol loving maniac?  

A curious calm settles over me, the pine needle smell tickling my nose, my heartbeat slowing to the lull of “Silent Night.” 

The car slows, crawling along at five miles an hour, winding down, I assume, a long country drive, deep in some craggy, forgotten woods. 

This is it then. 

My skin prickles from the icy cold, my blood pumps loud like a drum in my ears, the tang of gasoline and blood coats my mouth. 

The car stops. 

“Silent Night” cuts out mid note. 

I hold still, barely allowing myself to breathe, listening. My muscles tense and a surge of adrenaline crashes through me. 

The night is silent. It’s the silence that comes after a deep, wistful snowfall blankets the earth. For now, everyone and everything is quiet. 

Then the front car door opens with a loud, pained creak, its hinges rusted and misused. 

I lift my head, the carpet roughing my cheek as I turn toward the noise of snow crunching under boots. The car door slams like a gunshot and I stiffen. 

This is it. 

When they open the trunk, I’ll catapult at them, knock them aside, wrestle them to the ground, try…well, I’ll do whatever I can to overpower them. 

I’m not easy prey. I’m not going down without a fight. No matter that I’m tied hand and foot. I won’t make this easy for them. No matter what, I’ll fight. I promise that. 

Another footstep through the snow. I grip my right hand into a fist and strain at the ties. Another footstep. 

Who are they? What do they want? 

Another footstep, closer, the snow loud beneath their boots. 

Why did it have to be Christmas? 

I bite my tongue and shove down the unwelcome vision of a crooked Christmas tree decorated with a red and green paper chain, the scent of popcorn strung on thread, gingerbread baking in the oven, and the sound of laughter and “Deck the Halls” banged out on an out of tune piano. 

They take three shuffling steps closer and pause at the trunk. And I realize the gingerbread smell isn’t a ghost from my memory, it’s them. 

I can smell them through the trunk, the gingerbread flavor lingers mockingly on my tongue. 

A cold chill grips me and I prepare to lunge. Escape. 

They stand there for five seconds. 



I can hear them breathing—loud, nervous pants. 


They scuff their boots in the snow. 

Suddenly, the trunk lid flies open. 

The swirling cold wind bites me. 

I don’t wait to orient myself. I jerk upright, lunge forward. 

But instead of making a heroic leap, I hit the edge of the trunk and hurtle into the hard snow and ice drive. 

The air knocks from my lungs and I gasp, struggling to draw in the freezing, dry air. 

The night is deep, deep dark. Lit only by stars and a sliver of cold moonlight. 

The silent air presses at me, as if it’s that terrifying eternal moment, between the exhale and the inhale. 

Finally, I drag in a shuddering breath. My lungs fill with the flavor of bitter cold snow, cedar and pine, and yes, gingerbread, coated in sugary icing.

I struggle upright, digging my hands into the icy, hard-packed snow, and kick my tied ankles so that I move away from my abductor. 

The snow bites my hands and the slick ice hisses as I scramble back. I fall over a snow bank and land in a ditch. 

The soft snow exhales as I sink into the freshly fallen fluff, half-buried with a quiet whoosh. The snow has a peculiar way of dampening every noise. 

I growl and bare my teeth as I turn to confront whoever was foolish enough to take me from Manhattan, shove me in a trunk, and bring me here. Wherever I am. 

This is it.    

Then, in the silver moonlight—tiny needle points of falling snow sparkling like crystals in the dark—I see her.

It’s lucky I’m already on the ground because seeing her hits me like the winds of a Nor’easter, ripping roofs off in a gale of destruction. 

She’s backlit by the moon and lit by the obnoxiously flashing red and green Christmas bulb earrings and necklace she’s wearing. 

There’s a reason she smells like gingerbread and Christmas spice. She’s Miss Christmas personified. 

I curl my lip and blast her with an icy, contemptuous stare. 

She’s in a red velvet dress that strokes her curves, a handmade snowflake scarf, and black winter boots topped with soft white fur. 

There’s a halo of snow around her head, and she looks like a Christmas angel, or devil, more like. 

Her bright red lips probably taste like candy canes stirred in hot chocolate, but I swear I’ll never know whether they do or not. Because this woman is trouble. She’s worse than trouble.

Her lips turn up, she smiles at me and waves, like she’s Mrs. Claus at the Thanksgiving Day parade.

Her dark, wildly curly hair, her freckles, her button nose, they all shout innocence. But there’s nothing innocent about her. 

“You,” I growl, lacing that one word with everything I hate about Christmas, about Christmas spirit, and about this woman who thinks she can tie me up and cart me off to who knows where. “You are going to rot in prison for a very, very, very long time.” 

She laughs. It’s low, throaty, and warm like a mulled cider in front of a toasty fire. 

Her laugh strokes me and hits me down low, where even sitting in a freezing snow bank and loathing her with everything I am, I can’t stop my body from reacting. 

Her smile spreads into a wide kid-on-Christmas-morning kind of grin and her eyes light up like the Christmas bulb earrings flashing at her ears. 

Her nose crinkles with her smile and she walks over to the snow bank, her boots scraping over the snow. She puts her hands on her hips, and leans over me. Her warm breath puffs out in a whispery cloud curling between us.

Her candy cane-red lips purse together and then she winks. “Ho, ho, ho, Scrooge. And a Merry Christmas to you too.”

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Romance writer Sarah Ready writes contemporary romance, romcom, romantic comedy, and chick lit.
Love, Artifacts, and You

Extract #1: Love, Artifacts, and You

By Sarah Ready

My upcoming action adventure romance book Love, Artifacts, and You launches Oct 26th, 2021. Do you want a sneak peek into the story? Check out this extract and pre-order your copy today!

Here is the extract:

“What’s the name of her soul mate?” asks Jessie.

Erma shrugs and tosses aside a puzzle piece that doesn’t fit.

“What does he look like then? What was he doing?” asks Jessie.

I lean forward. Do I believe her?

“She knows him,” says Erma. She looks up at me and there’s a hint of compassion in her eyes, like she knows more than she’s letting on.

A chill settles over me.

“Is he blond, blue-eyed?” I ask. My voice sounds distant.

She shakes her head no.

“He’s wealthy, as wealthy as a king. He owns skyscrapers, an island,” Erma says.

One of the older ladies whistles.

Not Andrew. The thought flashes through my mind. Andrew never wanted money or prestige. Although it couldn’t be Andrew. He’s gone. Dead and gone.

I pull my gaze back up from the floor and look at Miss Erma.

“He has power and status,” she says.

I don’t want him. Whoever he is, I don’t want him.

“He doesn’t really sound like my cup of tea,” I say. Plus, I don’t know anyone that fits this description. I shrug. “Sorry. I’ll still look for your treasure though if you like. I could research. Apply for a permit.”

In fact, it’d let me do what I love, outside of the tarnish of Castleton, Inc. and the cloud of the past. A way to move on.

“I’ll take him,” says Petunia. “I’d love an island.”

The lady next to her, she looks like her sister, smacks her on the back of her hand. “We’ll stay out of this one,” she says. “No interfering.”

“Good idea,” says Jessie.

I give Erma a smile. “Thanks for the welcome. I’m sure your predictions have come true in the past, but I don’t think it’s likely this time.”

“That’s what they all say,” mutters Wanda. She pushes up her horn-rimmed glasses.

Erma purses her lips and pats a completed chunk of puzzle into the barn. “Maybe so,” she says. “Oh, well. Gals, we need to finish this puzzle. I’m headed to my niece’s to see the baby in two hours.”

Jessie looks at Erma like she’s lost her mind.

“Oh, well? Ooo-kay,” Jessie says. She turns to me, confusion on her face. Then she shrugs. “Well, anyway. It’s lunchtime. Can I take you out for a welcome to Romeo lunch? I could invite some friends for you to meet. I’ll bring some books, tell you all about the Lost Treasure, then show you to town hall for your permit or whatever you said you need.”

I look back at the table. The ladies all seem engrossed in the puzzle. Me and my supposed soul mate are completely forgotten in favor of a barn puzzle.

“Well, alright,” I say to Jessie. “Thank you. That’s really nice of you.”

Jessie starts to walk toward the exit and I turn to follow. But a stray thought makes me stop and turn back to Erma.

“I’m sorry,” I say, “but did you happen to see what my um…soul mate, I guess…what he looks like?”

Erma looks up from the puzzle and gives me a wide smile.

“I did,” she says.

“Okay.” My throat goes dry.

Erma pauses, watches me.

“What does he look like?” I ask.


I nod. Okay. Tall.

“Thick, black hair,” she says.

My heart stops for a moment, then with a hard lurch starts up again.

I can feel the soft memory of thick black hair running through my fingers.

I swallow and try to clear the lump in my throat. “That’s it?” I ask.

She shakes her head no, then, “Eyes so dark, they’re almost black.”

The air rushes from my lungs, hard and painful.

A picture forms in my mind of a black-haired, brown-eyed boy. Now a man.

“He’s sun-browned,” she says.

I close my eyes, like doing so can block out the vision.

“Not possible,” I whisper.

Andrew’s dead. We had proof. He died. I would’ve torn the world apart if I believed otherwise.

Erma continues. “He has a crooked nose and a long scar over his eyebrow.”

“Ooh, a pirate,” says Petunia.

“Shush,” says the lady next to her.

I open my eyes and try to focus on Erma. The room spins around me. Andrew’s nose was straight, he didn’t have scars. But it’s been ten years, he might…he could…

“I…I…” I don’t know what I’m trying to say. “Is he in Romeo?” I finally ask.

“Start digging for the Lost Treasure and he will be,” Erma says.

I blink and the room stops spinning and comes into focus. All I have to do is start digging and Andrew, if it really is Andrew, will come back to me.

I know what I have to do.

Petunia laughs. “A treasure hunt and a soul mate. What could be better?”

Cover of the best adventure romance Love, Artifacts, and You by Sarah Ready. This is a romance book and includes friends to enemies to lovers, treasure hunting, and a happily ever after.

Check out my upcoming action adventure romance book Love, Artifacts, and You – available Oct 26th, 2021.

Love, Artifacts, and You

Cover Reveal!

I am so excited to share the beautiful cover for Love, Artifacts, and You, my next book in the Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series. This is book 4 in the series and is quite an adventure as you can see in the cover. Check out the cover for Love, Artifacts, and You below and pre-order your copy today!

Check out the book description:

A love that spans from the jungles of Central America to the hidden caves of Romeo, New York…

Infamous treasure hunter Emma Castleton desperately wants to find the Lost Treasure of Romeo. Emma’s been labeled a fraud and she’s determined to fix her reputation.

She’s also been promised that when she finds Romeo’s Lost Treasure, she’ll finally find her soul mate. But Emma knows that’s a lie. Her true love died ten years ago on a devastating treasure hunt in Central America.

Former street kid Andrew Santiago loved Emma with all his heart. That is, until she shattered his life, betrayed his trust, and left him for dead. Now Andrew’s back, wealthy and powerful, and determined to take his revenge on the woman who broke his heart.

But as Andrew and Emma hunt for Romeo’s Lost Treasure they uncover secrets of the past, buried artifacts, and ever-present danger. Soon, they’re confronted with a choice, what is the greater treasure – true love or revenge?

Love, Artifacts, and You is Book 4 in the Soul Mates in Romeo Romance Series by Sarah Ready.

Pre-order now!

Romance writer Sarah Ready writes contemporary romance, romcom, romantic comedy, and chick lit.
Romance By The Book

Extract #4: The Spaghetti Scene :)

My upcoming romcom, enemies-to-lovers, romance will be available September 14th, 2021! Here is extract #4 from my upcoming romance book, Romance By The Book.

Jessie is pulling all the stops to get Gavin to fall in love. After all he is her soul mate, right? Will is not going to let that happen. Jessie knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and who can’t resist a shared plate of spaghetti? Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Check out this extract and pre-order your copy of this upcoming romcom today.


“Oh. I just wondered how you like the spaghetti?” Jessie flutters her eyelashes at Gavin and I try not to scowl.

Gavin picks up his fork. “It’s delicious. It reminds me of the pasta I had at a little family restaurant in Capri.”

“Oh wow. I’ve never been. Sounds amazing.” Jessie picks up her fork and drags it through the long noodles. She waits until Gavin starts to roll spaghetti around his fork then she moves her fork trying to capture his moving noodles.

I’ll be…

She might actually pull off this noodle kiss farce.

I watch the noodles on her fork go taught. She smiles in triumph. Gavin doesn’t know it, but their noodles are connected.

He starts to raise his fork to his mouth. Jessie raises hers in anticipation.

No way.

I grab my fork and quick as I can I slash it through their joined noodles. Jessie gasps. I take the noodles and shove them in my mouth.

Gavin laughs. “You really are hungry.”

I chew loudly. “Mhmm,” I say through my mouthful, “starved.”

Gavin goes for another bite and Jessie drags her fork through the plate and tries to capture the ends of his spaghetti.

“You were telling me about your adventures. I’d love to hear more,” she says.

Gavin lifts his fork to his mouth. I grin as a single noodle of his slips through Jessie’s fork.

“Jessie’s going to do a travel book article in her next library newsletter. She wants to use my experiences as a basis for it,” Gavin says to me.

I perk up. “This is a work dinner?” That’s interesting. Jessie hasn’t been honest with Gavin.

“Funny, right?” Gavin says. “I’ve never had a work dinner and even when you try not to, here you are, at another one.”

“Hilarious,” I agree.

Jessie won’t look me in the eyes.

The waiter comes by with another wine glass and the menu. I assure him I’m content sharing the family plate of spaghetti.

Gavin launches into a story of ballooning in South Africa. Jessie nods and smiles and tries her hardest to pretend I’m not here. I keep my eyes on her. It’s not hard. I could watch her for hours and never grow tired of it. Gavin is entering the exciting part of the story, the bit about the lion and the jeep, when Jessie finally breaks. She subtly turns my way.

She points at me, and then makes the “get out of here” gesture with her thumb.

“And then the lion jumped over the…” Gavin continues.

I raise my eyebrows and point to myself, feigning confusion.

Jessie nods and makes the “get out of here” gesture again.

I shake my head, look around, and pretend I don’t understand.

“And that’s how a jeep and a baobab tree foiled a lion and saved my life,” Gavin says triumphantly.

Jessie looks at him in confusion, while Gavin looks at her expectantly.

“Oh. Ah. Wow. That’s amazing. I never heard anything like that. The baobab. Wow.” She flushes bright red.

I hold back a smile. She wasn’t listening, not at all. I’d bet my bank account on it. She was too focused on me.

“Tell the story about Cambodia,” I say.

Gavin nods. “That’s a good one.”

He moves to take another bite of spaghetti, then stops with his fork hanging in the air. “It was six months ago. I was hang gliding over the jungle, there were some ruins I wanted to see.”

Jessie watches his fork move up and down. He finally goes to twist his fork in the noodles. Jessie follows.

“…the snakebite burned. I had minutes…” Gavin is wrapped up in the memory of meeting Lacey. He doesn’t notice that once again his and Jessie’s forks are attached by a ridiculously long noodle.

But I notice.

So does Jessie.

I reach forward with my fork, ready to cut the noodle.

But Gavin moves his fork up off the plate. Jessie’s eyes widen. She sees my fork coming, so she shoves the spaghetti in her mouth. She starts to suck in the long noodle. I watch it pull taught. Gavin is oblivious. His fork is six inches from his mouth.

Jessie’s eyes are wide. Her lips purse as she pulls on the connecting noodle.

The freaking noodle trick is going to work.

I don’t stop to think. I drop my fork and grab Gavin’s and I shove it in my mouth.

“Hey! What the heck, Will?” Gavin says.

I suck on the noodles. They pull taught and one long sauce covered noodle dangles between Jessie and me.

Triumph fills me.

The noodle between our mouths gets shorter as I suck, pulling us closer.

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Best romcom soul mate twin brothers romance book titles Romance by the Book features a woman in a yellow dress sitting on top of books with a dapper man beside her.
Romance By The Book: A hilarious upcoming romcom, enemies-to-lovers, soul mates romance
Love Not at First SIght

New Romance Book Release!

My latest book, Love Not at First Sight (book 2 in the Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series) is now available! You can read my new romance book on all of your favorite platforms in the links below.

Contemporary billionaire romance Love Not at First Sight

You can order everywhere:

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Check out some of the early reviews of my new romance book Love Not at First Sight:

“A visceral book that had my heart pounding and my blood racing numerous times.”

“Ready, a brilliant rising star in contemporary romance, does it again, weaving her magic throughout the words in this fun, light-hearted read.”

“Your going to love how this book reads…”

“Sarah Ready simply writes amazing stories. She gives us emotionally charged stories with realistic characters that have insecurities and vulnerabilities that will have you empathizing with them as they work their way to their happy ending.”

“Another one knocked out of the park! This book is so fun to read.”

Romance Writer Sarah Ready. Contemporary romance, chick lit, romantic comedy, romcom books
Chasing Romeo

Cover Reveal: Rom Com romance book Chasing Romeo

My next rom com romance book Chasing Romeo is launching May 25, 2021 and the cover is AMAZING!!

Chasing Romeo Cover with a couple of soul mates ready for a rom com road trip in their blue dodge charger
Cover by Elizabeth Turner Stokes

I have been so honored by all of those who have shared it and wanted to shout out to Social Butterfly and Book Notes by Athina. See her post here:

Rom com romance book cover Chasing Romeo by Sarah Ready.

If you love romantic comedies (Rom Com) and I know you do, you need to pre-order Chasing Romeo today!

Here are the links to order:

best romance book on Apple Books
Best romance book on Kindle
Best romance book on Nook
best romance book on Kobo

International Women’s Day

Today March 8, 2021 is International Women’s Day! As a woman’s fiction and romance writer I love writing books featuring strong women leads. Romance books are a great way to celebrate women and the challenges we all face in our lives. My two recent romance books The Fall In Love Checklist and Hero Ever After are books featuring strong women who face seemingly impossible situations, yet they push through to not only survive but grow and thrive.

Every year International Women’s Day has a theme and this year’s theme is “choose to challenge”. Challenge can mean different things to each of us. Challenging one’s self to grow and be your best self every day is a great place to start.

There are so many inspiring women writers who have touched our lives and here is a list of 15 inspiring quotes from great women authors as mentioned on the International Women’s Day page. How will you challenge yourself today, and tomorrow and everyday after that?

Best romance writer, romantic comedy, contemporary romance, Chick Lit

Romance Books in Libraries

It’s no secret. I love libraries. In fact, one of my upcoming books features a librarian as the heroine. Libraries are awesome. I love that you can get romance books in libraries. The first romance novel I ever read I picked up on a whim off a public library bookshelf. It was Whitney, My Love by Judith McNaught. That book was like a gateway drug. I got sucked into historical romance, then I crossed over to paranormal romance, then contemporary romance, then, well, I kept going. I had to read them all.

All thanks to browsing at a library.

Libraries are such an amazing way to discover new books, new authors and new worlds. We’re very lucky that libraries support romance authors, romance books and carry our work in both paperback, hardback and ebook format.

In case you didn’t know, you can grab The Fall in Love Checklist and Hero Ever After in public libraries (on OverDrive and other platforms). If it’s not available you can request it through your librarian. Because librarians are awesome.

best contemporary romance book by Sarah Ready romance writer
Ask your local library to carry Hero Ever After today!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my awesome readers!

If you want to celebrate Valentine’s week or Valentine’s month you could go on a romance novel reading binge. If I were to do that I’d go back and read some of my old favorites. Here’s my top 5 romance novels for valentines week!

Contemporary:  Nobody’s Baby But Mine

Rom Com: The Hating Game

Historical: Beguiling the Beauty

Paranormal: Demon From the Dark

Fantasy: A Court of Thorns and Roses

Then I’d go on a rom com movie binge and go back and watch my top 5 romantic movies of all time:

What’s Up Doc – so classic, so funny, I laugh hysterically every time.

Bringing Up Baby – Hepburn at her best.

While You Were Sleeping – Somehow, Sandra Bullock makes ugly sweaters look cute.

Coming to America – I had this one on repeat as a teen.

Isn’t It Romantic – When you know and love the genre so well you can poke fun at all its ridiculousness.

What’s your list of top 5 romantic movies and top 5 romance novels? After reading and watching all the old favs, I’d eat a bucket full of dark chocolate (because dark chocolate is delicious). And that would be an amazing Valentine’s day/week/month. I hope yours is just as fabulous.

Top 5 romantic movies